TreeTops A/S is the place where various products within the construction industry are combined under one branch. We are behind some powerful brands within composite, acoustics solutions and fibre cement.

KIRKEDAL Composite was launched in 2013 and has since become a very recognised and popular player in the market within maintenance-free solutions for terraces and fences. KIRKEDAL consists of exclusive quality products with a wide selection of options and accessories. KIRKEDAL allows you to make beautiful and maintenance-free solutions of composite. The products are easy to work with and easy to process. All KIRKEDAL Composite is 100% FSC-certified.

The selection includes KIRKEDAL Composite Terrace which is different from other composite in the market.

It includes the beautiful SOLID series which consists of solid planks up to 6 metres long. KIRKEDAL Terrace has reversible surfaces – wood structure/grooves allowing you to determine the final look. The surface is also top-coated which makes the terrace plank more resistant to dirt. They are carried in fabulous, Nordic colours.

KIRKEDAL Composite Fence is available in 2 different fencing profiles – tongue/groove or overlap profile with either alu, galvanised or galvanised black powder-coated posts. KIRKEDAL Composite Fence is carried in Black and Grey.

Kirkedal also carries Copenhagen Noise Barrier Fences.

Nordic Fibre Cement consists of tried-and-tested products for the Nordic market and can tolerate anything from the Danish winter to warm summer days. Nordic Fibre Cement has many benefits such as:

– Maintenance-free material
– Does not decay
– Made of fire-proof material
– 10-year warranty

Nordic Fibre Cement can be used on large and small surfaces, house ends and overhangs as well as sheds and carports. Nordic Fibre Cement is CE-marked and fire-tested and meets the requirements in EN 12467, Class A2-s1, d0. The products are free of asbestos and magnesium oxide.

Acoustic panels from FibroTech have a strongly sound-absorbing effect and therefore reduce reverberation.

FibroTech wood-wool cement panels are made of cement and wood wool. In addition to being sound-absorbing, they also contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with excellent acoustics.

FibroTech acoustic panels can be installed as ceilings and on walls.

They are carried in a BASIC variant which is 2,440 mm, a PROFF variant which is 3,000 mm and a UNIKA variant which is particularly suitable for wet rooms.
The acoustic panels are made of MDF and genuine wood veneer, resulting in a beautiful look with various markings and completely free of knots.

The back of the panels has a black polyester panel made of recycled plastic to absorb sound in the very best way possible.

TreeTops A/S was established as a limited company on 1 June 2011 by
Ricki Kjeldsen



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